Saturday, 10 January 2009

Good week's weight loss!

I weighed in this morning (Sat 10th Jan) and have lost 6lbs since 2nd January. Phew! So pleased, and it hasn't been too hard. I haven't even exercised that much.... at least an hour's worth of walking on Tuesday and a 4.5 mile walk on Thursday. I went slightly over my points last night (it was Friday after all), and drank a bit too much wine. I also ate my own weight in vegetables yesterday, as I actually craved them. I made a vegetable soup with red lentils at lunchtime into which I put swede, parsnip, carrots, onions and celery. Very nice it was too. I'm off out for my usual weekly Indian meal tonight, so hopefully I can make wise choices and look forward to a good loss next week.


Coburg Crafts said...

Well done, Jo! 6lb is a great start. If your Indian does Shashlik - prawn is best (points wise) but chicken is good too - that's really tasty and about as low as it goes for points. It's usually served on a sizzling platter and has lots of veg. Enjoy!

Jo said...

Thanks, Lesley! I usually have chicken shaslik. Our local Indian restaurants don't do the prawn one. I love sizzling platters! Last night I had tandoori salmon, which probably isn't great Points-wise, but what the hell!